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"Cost accounting practice" quicken 2014 manufacturing enterprises involved in manufacturing and processing industries: cement manufacturing, plastics manufacturing, lighting manufacturers, hardware manufacturing, construction and spraying processing. The daily economic business as an example, introduces the methods and steps of product cost and product unit cost accounting in every industry, introduced the processing technique of each step of data sources, accounting in the process of economic nature of the business and accounting entries. "Cost accounting practice" manufacturing enterprises in the manufacturing industry industry product cost accounting process on a daily basis throughout the financial accounting, highlights the connection and difference between cost accounting and other business accounting, to help readers understand the importance of process and cost accounting in financial accounting.
Because of the accounting thought and practice, detailed demonstration of clear, make the "cost accounting practice" manufacturing enterprises have high readability and reference.
3Author brief introduction
Zhang Chuanxiang, male, quicken 2014 review was born in Guangxi Liuzhou, accountants. In 1993 graduated from the Guangxi hydropower school financial accounting professional, the same year was assigned to the building materials industry in Guangxi the first Sino foreign cooperative enterprises -- Guangxi Nanle cement development limited financial department. His resignation in 2000, South Zhongshan City, Guangdong, served as the European Lighting Co., chief financial officer, financial manager, Zhongshan City Longshan Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhongshan city master Lighting Co. Ltd, finance director, PLC Hongkong professional group, the United States financial manager, manufacturing headquarters Haig group Zhongshan day high hardware finance director, now vatti group company cost center director. During the on-the-job experience multiple manufacturing cost accounting and cost management practice, successfully designed for the enterprise, improve the cost accounting system, and the cost analysis and cost control vigorously in enterprise interior, made a great quicken 2014 for mac contribution to energy efficiency, to create profits.
4The editor recommends
The advanced and reasonable financial management, scientific and mature concept of cost control, foundation of successful enterprise cost accounting scheme = comprehensive and detailed.
The first part of the cost of
The first chapter cost review
The first section cost overview
The second section of the specific quicken 2014 release meaning of cost accounting
The third section cost accounting of the preparatory work
Cost accounting section fourth of products related to the accounting treatment of the set
In the second part, the small enterprise cost accounting practice
The second chapter cement manufacturing cost accounting practices of enterprises
Overview of the enterprise
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